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Support our Soldiers in  Israel!


Chanukah Campaign in Support of our Israeli Soldiers!


Am Yisroel Chai!

Bring the joyous spirit of Chanukah to our fellow brothers and sisters who will be spending Chanukah away from their families on the front lines defending the Jewish nation and our homeland of Israel.

Each of us will be attending many Chanukah celebrations – we owe it to our soldiers to show them that we care – that we have their backs and that we immensely appreciate their sacrifice.

Make a donation today and put a smile on their face!

In addition there are still many soldiers in need of much needed tactical gear – please make a donation today and know you have made a soldier safer!


Let us stand together in unwavering support of Israel's protectors and its people.


Your donation will be specifically used to provide Chanukah celebrations for the soldiers at army bases.

In addition we are collecting donations to purchase the following types of tactical gear to send directly to the front;

*AG3 Placard *Triple Mag Pouches *Pincer Pistol Double Pouces * K19 Plate Carrier *Agilite Tourniquet Holders *Agilite General Purpose Pouches *AG3 Triple Magazine Pouches


Please click on the link below to donate now and join many others who have already contributed to this vital cause. 

All contributions are tax deductible.


Please click on the link

May our prayers and good deeds storm the Heavens and bring us the long waited Moshiach Now!!






We are appealing to you to help our fellow brothers and sisters in Israel during this time of crisis. 

You can donate to support our fellow soldiers and the families of those affected by the war who have lost their loved ones.

All donations are appreciated and will go directly to help those in Israel.


Sat, July 20 2024 14 Tammuz 5784