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Hebrew School



Chaya Esther Hebrew School brings Judaism to life! Our students graduate with a strong command of the Hebrew language, a feeling of caring for others, a genuine and meaningful understanding of their Jewish history and heritage, and happy memories that will inspire for a lifetime.

Our Hebrew School is for boys and girls in Kindergarten - 7th grade
Sunday Mornings: 10 AM - 12:30 PM (includes Pizza Lunch) 


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Curriculum Includes:

Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading Program
An individualized reading program designed to give each child the opportunity to gain Hebrew fluency at their own pace. Children will master the Aleph-Bet letters and vowels, and read Hebrew text.  

Jewish History
Children will learn about Jewish heroes and leaders throughout history, gaining valuable lessons on personal growth, greatness, and our ability to positively impact the world around us.

Love of Israel
Children gain an appreciation of Israel's rich history and our special connection to the Land.

Holidays & Shabbat
Throughout the year the children will prepare for each Jewish holiday, learning about the meanings, origins and beautiful customs that are celebrated at each one. The children will also learn about Shabbat and its special relevance to the Jewish people.

The children will learn some basic meanings of the morning prayers and be able to sing them in their original text.

Torah & Jewish Values
What makes us Jews and what is our Torah? Children will gain pride and appreciation for who we are, how we started out as a nation, our mission in this world, and our unique connection and obligation to one another. They will learn about why we have Mitzvos and how to observe them in a practical, fun and hands-on way.

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Hebrew School In Action


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