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Ukraine Relief

The situation in Ukraine is beyond devastating and they need our help!

Many have asked what can we do?

We are in touch with Rabbi Wilhelm from Zhitomir, Ukraine who runs an orphanage of 90 children ages 2 - 12. The children were evacuated on Feb. 24th as sirens began and missiles exploded near the children’s home. They fled to the Carpathian Mountains and later escaped to Romania. On Sunday, March 6 they arrived in Israel.

They need our help in providing clothing, housing and basic necessities for the children and staff members.


We are appealing to you to help the Jews of Ukraine during this time of crisis.



We are appealing to you to help the Jews of Zhitomir during this time of crisis. 
All donations are appreciated and will go directly to help the refugees in Ukraine.


Tue, May 30 2023 10 Sivan 5783